On Series 7 of Paid in Puke, we're discussing every episode of Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story mini-series, Impeachment, starring Beanie Feldstein, Sarah Paulson, and Mira Sorvino. Episode 7 is "The Assassination of Monica Lewinsky", written by Flora Birnbaum, Daniel Pearle, and showrunner, Sarah Burgess, and directed by Michael Uppendahl.

If you thought it was hard to watch a young woman be detained by wolf-like lawyers in a hotel room, you may need to hold this show's proverbial beer. Whilst America was saturated with puerile BJ jokes and a disgusting Lewinsky smear campaign, the subject of that press coverage was trapped in her apartment watching the whole thing. We dive deep into how awful that must have been.

On the Lunchtime Poll, we tell stories of times when a misconception about us hindered our lives.

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