Did the world need another podcast? Perhaps not. But Seattle-based friends Annie Malone*, Cristina Barr, and Jessica Baxter decided to start one anyway. It began when we made a concerted effort to see as many female-led first run movies as possible in the theaters. The first film we saw together was Susanna Fogel's The Spy Who Dumped Me, which exceeded our expectations. We couldn't stop talking about how refreshing and fun it was and we were desperate to see more movies like it. We began voting with our dollars and made it to the theater on a semi-regular basis, calling our excursions "Feminist Movie Club".  Afterward, we would discuss what we'd just seen over coffee. Our diverse cinematic backgrounds led to some very fun conversations. And now we're foisting our thoughts upon the world!

Welcome. We love you already. 


The Paid-in-Puke-ettes:

Jessica Baxter is a visual media critic with a background in filmmaking and a couple of unfinished novels. She and her husband somehow manage to keep 2 children and 3 cats alive, against all odds. She appeared thrice on the Ex-Rated Podcast, which is what gave her the hubris to get the ball rolling on Paid in Puke. Read her work on Hammer to Nail and JessicaBaxter.com. Follow her on twitter @tehbaxter. (Can you believe THEbaxter was taken?) 

Annie Malone has lived in Seattle long enough that her Jersey accent only comes out when she’s down the shore. She teaches preschool and raises two charming kids and one gigantic cat, while putting the "sing" in single. She is always up for talking about movies, and will try not to bring up Fast Times every single episode but no promises. She’s been neglecting her blog at readrunbake.com but will surely get back to it any day now. Follow her on twitter @anniebmalone.

Cristina Barr grew up in Northern Florida and spent much of her childhood escaping heat and humidity for the comfort of air-conditioned movie theaters. Seeing movies has always been a beloved pastime, especially when accompanied by friends and interesting conversation afterwards. She lives and works in Seattle and enjoys baking, spending time with her family, her boyfriend Andrew, and her Westie, Lily.  







*Formerly known as Amy Green.


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