In this episode we compare and contrast Alexander Payne's 1996(!) debut, Citizen Ruth (starring the magnetic Laura Dern) with Gillian Robespierre's 2009 debut, Obvious Child (starring our dream BFF, Jenny Slate). Both are about abortion. Who gets it right? Who gets it wrong? 

Also, we rant about our pregnancy trope pet peeves and discuss how far into a relationship one waits before they fart in front of their paramour. 

PS: We have since learned that Gillian Robespierre pronounces her first name with a hard G. Our apologies for the (repeated) error.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains a segment with a racial slur in the title, sampled from the film, Heathers. We apologize to the indigenous population of North America and anyone else who is hurt by the perpetuation of this offensive term in the name of entertainment.

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